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What could I do to double my business in 2008?

That is a great question.  There are things you can do to achieve this goal if you take active measures to overcome the obstacles that hold you back.  Here are six things you can do to double your business this year:

1. First of all, you have to think twice as big as you did in 2007.  Remember you cannot accomplish something bigger with the same mindset that got you to where you are now.

2. You have to believe in yourself and the fact that you can accomplish your goal.

3. Implement 4:4:3... write a business the many listings must you sell?  What is your turn over rate for your inventory?  How many listings must you take to accomplish the sales you must close?  How many appointments must you go on to obtain the listings? How many calls/emails/mailings/open houses must you complete to set the needed appointments?

4. Have a Highly efficient lead generation program.

5. Go find people and don't expect them to come to you.  No one grows a real estate business by waiting for customers to come to him or her.  You must lead generate in order to have enough prospects to keep your business moving in the right direction.

6. Get in to Coaching; make sure that you are continually learning and incorporating new ideas. Coaching will help you develop the confidence and skill to have an efficient lead generation program, the backbone of your business. 

I am dedicated to your success!

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